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The European regulation on the Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemical Substances,REACH, affects the manufacturing, importation and use of all chemical products. REACH indicates, in accordance with the danger and annual amounts of each substance, the maximum dates and requisites to be met for their registration. In addition, the most dangerous substances and those causing most worry will be subject to the Authorisation and restrictions the European Agency establishes. Guaranteeing a high level of protection in respect of human health and the Environment, avoiding differences between legal provisions among the Member States and encouraging the substitution of the most dangerous substances when there exist alternatives which are technically and economically viable are some of the objectives of REACH. Derypol has assumed as its own the principles grounding this new legislation and incorporates into its management all requisites and deadlines established for the various stages set forth in the regulation. Within this scope, Derypol has already established specific communication with all its clients and suppliers in order to take the necessary steps and guarantee the flow of information throughout the supply chain.