We make polymers,
we care for the environment



The research carried out by Derypol is not restricted to the company itself, but is open to other centres of innovation fruit of collaboration with clients themselves or with joint developments with other companies. The main factors for the success of research work are collaboration and constant exchange of knowledge and experience.

The close collaboration with various areas of collaborating companies has brought about the creation of a large number of projects, of which a high percentage have result ed in a satisfied client and an increase in our range of products.


The innovation and the development of new products has always been the motor driving our company towards being one of the most pioneering in the field of flocculants and polymers.

Due to this, in 2001 the R+D department became a separate entity, with the creation of a team of doctors specialised in different areas of chemistry.

The result has been an increase in sales of around 20% in respect of the company's global sales, and in more than 31 new products which have come to form a definitive part of our offer.