We make polymers,
we care for the environment


It is part of the business culture of DERYPOL, S.A. its commitment to develop its activity from the value of the personal integrity of all its members and from the scrupulous respect for legality. The excellence and satisfaction of our customers are budgeted for an ethical model of activity, whose starting point is respect for current legislation and productivity without any harm to our employees, to third parties, to our environment or, ultimately, to the society in which we integrate. These values ​​not only respond to the ethical conviction of their administrators, but they make DERYPOL, S.A. a more competitive and efficient company.

Within this commitment, we have developed management tools that allow us to act in accordance with our values ​​and reasonably ensure that all our employees and managers carry out their activities in accordance with the law.

Not only we have approved a code of conduct for all personnel, whose infraction will lead to the imposition of disciplinary sanctions, but we have implemented, in accordance with the Penal Code and with the best international standards, a system of criminal risk prevention cemented in demanding controls and in a constant monitoring of the various processes and activities of the company. In addition, we have set up a surveillance organ to ensure compliance with the prevention program and established a channel for internal communications (complaints), whose regulation takes special care to respect data protection and the rights of people who report or have been reported.

This initiative is based on the leadership of the Board of Directors of DERYPOL, S.A. because, beyond any legal forecast, we know that the values ​​within an organization cannot be assumed in due fullness without their impulse from the highest direction.